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The company of three or more Aussies at once is always a headache.


Ivan’s Childhood, 1962-Andrei Tarkovsky

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Today, I resigned from my job cos my boss is a shady bitch who doesn’t pay us. I took at least $250 of product home when I closed. Now, to look for a job.

Basically, ebola.


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Mercury, Venus, and Saturn align with the Pyramids of Giza for the first time in 2,737 years on December 3, 2012

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The other day I saw Disclosure & Skrillex on molly & it was outrageously fun.

…I don’t even know who I am anymore…


A full-scale replica of Egypt’s Great Sphinx has been built in a Chinese theme park.

gee poy

Title: Point That Thing Somewhere Else Artist: The Clean 505 plays

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